Our services

Nagyfrekvencia Kft. offers professional solutions for the following tasks:

TV and radio broadcasting stations

Designing, licensing and implementing turnkey studio, broadcasting and program transmitting systems. Providing occasional or permanent rental of equipment and systems.

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Telecommunication systems and equipment

Our activities include the design and implementation of VHF systems for events, drive-in cinemas and concerts, buildings, shopping malls, data transmission and process control, and troubleshooting of all these systems.

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Authentic field strength and radiation measurements

For industrial and residential purposes, we perform measurements of RF signal strength in the vicinity of TV / Radio / GSM or other telecommunication facilities and transmitting stations regarding residential and occupational exposure limit values.

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Personalized solutions

"What is measurable, measure what is not measurable, make it measurable!"

In the words of Galileo Galilei, we are happy to help with any special measurement problems and construction tasks related to Radio Frequencies. We especially like tasks that others have said are "impossible to solve."